Author name: Shambhala


Sadhana: Understanding Chitta Chitta is the space that holds all perceivable things. In sleep or in wakefulness, Chitta runs constantly. Within you, it connects with the basis for creation. It allows you to connect with your consciousness. The mind ends with Chitta.  Get to learn more about the nature of Chitta, yama and niyamas (Dos

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Me Project

“Me” Project Welcome to the “Me Project” – a three-month-long initiative to help you improve your physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual wellbeing. At its core, the “Me Project” is an action-oriented approach to personal development. It’s not just about planning; it’s about taking concrete steps towards achieving your goals.  But the “Me Project” isn’t

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Food & Fasting

All about FOOD & Fasting We need to understand the role of the Mind while we intake our food.  This session will help us: Break the myths about Food. Know the alternatives of Food for energy. Understand significant difference between Starving & Fasting. Learn about ‘Prana Shakti’. Learn how to live a balanced and healthy

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Energize 2023

2023 – Make the most out of it! Cleanse the stagnant old energies to make space for new intentions and goals for 2023. Energize your goals to manifest it with ease. Please Note:  – Be aware of the areas of trouble you are facing.– Have your Spiritual goals, Relationship goals, Financial goals & Personal goals

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