Speaker’s Guidelines

Broad Guidelines:

  • Shambhala is open and welcomes guest speakers to talk, share, present their viewpoints on this platform.
  • The views expressed in the Shambhala solutions wisdom sessions are solely the speaker’s views. 
  • Shambhala solutions do not speak for or confirm any statements mentioned therein and is merely a platform to present the speaker’s version of the experience. 
  • The content and talks presented through this Shambhala solutions website are for informational purposes only. 
  • It is ultimately the user’s discretion and risk to use any instruction, procedure, or information presented.
  • Views expressed on the platform should not affect, demean or disrespect any religion, ethnicity, gender or in any political inclinations. Any such attempt is completely forbidden by Shambhala; any consequences that may result are the entire responsibility of the speaker who received indulgence and may need legal proceedings. Any form of profanity / abuse / usage of foul languages/signs towards any person(s) are strictly prohibited.

Operational Guidelines:

  • Speaker should be on the call at least 5-10 mins before schedule. It is expected that they should be on a good quality camera and well heard (audio).
  • Speaker may share his/her personal contact details on the call.
  • Any form of user database will not be shared with the speakers. Any form of collecting the data base from the attendees is also prohibited. 
  • Shambhala respects the privacy of all the attendees in its platform. We expect no activities that directly or indirectly intrudes their privacy. 
  • Shambhala may request for a short briefing session with the core team members along with the speaker to discuss about the topic that is going to be discussed. This will happen prior to the actual session. 
  • The sessions may be recorded. Shambhala solutions reserves the right to share or not share the recordings to the speaker. 
  • Speaker should stick to the time given for the session.