Emotional Healing

Emotional healing, is an inner journey that requires deep inner work to unshackle the chains of the past. If you have lived with emotional wounds for years, it can be difficult to imagine how you can let them go. However, many beautiful transformations await once you embark on the journey of emotional healing and experience emotional release. 

In this session we will make an attempt to clear the emotional baggage which you have been carrying from long. Forgiveness comes first in healing any emotional wound. Lets practice it with more impact.

LIVE: Zoom Session with Rajiv Daga

DATE: 01st April 2023, Saturday

TIME: 5:30 PM IST / 7 AM EST (2 hours session)

Session includes

  • Topic discussion
  • Guided Healing Meditation
  • No Q/A 
Note: Be well hydrated before the start of the session. Be aware of unforgiven people and circumstances if there are any.

We encourage you to join the session 5 mins before the start, as these sessions will not be recorded or repeated

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